15 Days to Change Your Life

In order to get the maximum benefit from your Toolkit I have created a 15-day plan for you to implement in order to see quick and positive results. Several years ago, I was on the airplane with a client coming back to Houston and we were visiting about the concepts that I teach. I remember my friend looking at me and commenting on how “this stuff is scary”. I turned and looked at him with a big smile and said “yes, but you’re ‘gonna’ love it”. Perhaps you’re thinking the same thing. Am I really going to be able to change in 15 days? I truly believe you can, and will, by following these easy steps. Even if you do not follow the following 15-day plan I am still confident that you will benefit greatly from either listening to the Audios, watching the Videos and reading the book and workbook at your leisure!! However, if you are ready to see fantastic results then give this 15-day plan a try! I know you will enjoy it and benefit greatly.

Pat yourself on the back – you’ve taken a big step in the right direction. Let’s get familiar with your Virtual Toolkit by opening your book entitled The Power of Self Talk. Open it up to the Contents page and look through the different chapters on that page. Also, go to the back of the book and look at the Index pages. Look over the different areas that are covered in the Index and you’ll start to see what this program is all about. Attitudes and beliefs, change, communication skills, creative thinking, goal setting, high-performance behavior, possibility thinking, relationships, self-esteem, and of course self-talk and visualization, just to name a few. Now let’s go to your Image Analysis Workbook and let’s look at the Contents page and you will see several different areas relating to your life. You will find out that this workbook is one of the most valuable keys to your happiness, health and prosperity. I have asked you, in each of the areas, to please circle between 1 and 10 (1 being the least – 10 being the best) where you are right now. It will take you all the way through your entire life. We’ll come back to the Image Analysis Workbook in a little while, but for now I just want you to become familiar by thumbing through the workbook. Next, look at the Audio and Video programs. There you will find The Power of Self Talk video, and along with that is the audio version of that same program. The next video program is entitled Job Hunting, Security, and Promotion with the complementary audio version. The Spotlight audio is an interview that talks about the concepts in your Toolkit.

Your Toolkit has programs for the Applications in Self Talk. The programs cover Self Talk and How It Applies to Communication Skills, Stress, Time Management, Customer Service, Anger and Hostility, Working Effectively with Other People, Controlling Priorities, and the Psychology of Finance. You will discover as you read your book, apply the concepts in your workbook, and watch/listen to the audio and videos, that your self-talk is the foundation for just about everything you do in life. For you to change, whether it be in moments, hours, days, weeks or years you will find that by changing your self-talk the desired end results will take place much quicker.

I now want you to begin by reading Chapter 1 in your book entitled Self Talk. I want you also to have a pen and/or highlighter and make notes of the things that you find of importance, etc. Also, today I want you to read the Introduction in your Image Analysis Workbook as well as each of the paragraphs under the headings of Spiritual, Physical, and Financial. It would be a good idea for you to listen to the audio entitled Spotlight.

The remainder of the day I want you to start to become aware of your self-talk. What are you saying to yourself? Is it helping you, or is it hurting you? Have a good night’s rest and we will begin bright and early tomorrow morning.

I want you to begin today by reflecting on what you’ve discovered so far. Also, I want you to read Chapter 2 entitled Self Image and How It Affects Performance. As always, keep your pen and/or highlighter close to you while you’re reading. Next, I want you to go through each area of your life which is covered in your Image Analysis Workbook and circle the number from 1 to 10 next to the statement: At this time I am in my _______________ life: 1 2 3…. 10. Today, I also want you to watch The Power of Self Talk video. You may also wish to listen to the audio version of it as well.

Please take a few moments to again reflect on what you’re discovering through your reading, viewing, listening and hands-on interaction. Begin your day by reading Chapter 3: Defining Comfort Zones. In this chapter you will start to realize why and how we have been limiting ourselves. Also, how we will be able to expand those areas that have become our zones of comfort. Next, get your Image Analysis Workbook and review where you are right now in the different areas of your life. Then, I want you to circle the corresponding number next to the statements. What are the actions and steps you will take and commit to? For example, if you want to improve your physical health by losing a few unwanted pounds then what are you going to do in order to make that happen? Will you start to be more conscious of the ingredients, labels and contents of the foods that you consume? Might you be willing to drink more water instead of soft drinks? Would cutting back on the size of the servings help you as well? Today, that will be enough.

Are you becoming more aware of your self-talk? You thought you were pretty positive. Wow, isn’t it amazing? Are you ready for some more? Then let’s read Chapter 4 entitled: Embracing Change. Keep listening to your self-talk. I’ll see you tomorrow.

When you finish reading the chapter on Change, I want you to go to page 55 in your Image Analysis Workbook and answer each of the 21 questions for the nine areas that you previously circled a number from one to 10 in regards to: In 15 days I would like to be—–. That’ll be enough for today; good job!

By now you should be very aware of what you are thinking and talking about to yourself. Remember the grocery store list example on page 33. If you wish to write down things that you don’t want that’s fine. I want you to write down what it is that you do want! I want you to become consciously aware of your self-talk and start thinking in terms of what it is that you DO want instead of what you don’t want. Today, I want you to read Chapter 5: Conquering Goal Setting. Whether you like it or not, you are goal setting all the time. In this chapter I want you to focus on properly setting your goals. Be sure to make notes while you’re reading this chapter.

Revisit pages 79, 80, 81 and 82. Then go to your Image Analysis Workbook, go back through the nine areas of your life, and ask yourself if there’s anything you can do to improve the actions and steps that you will take to make your “15 day” goals a reality. Something very important to remember is the fact that only you will see what you’re writing down. Therefore, you can change the wording by adding more descriptive words, with more impact, and more emotion. Remember to always keep your Image Analysis Workbook and your Power of Self Talk book under “lock and key”. Be very, very careful who, if anyone, sees what you’re writing in these two books. Your goals are very personal and confidential, and you don’t need anybody to unintentionally try to discourage you from changing.

Today, I want you to watch or listen to the program Job Hunting, Security and Promotion. Whether you are looking for a job or are currently employed, this will be valuable to you in either respect. When you finish watching or listening, turn to Page 22 in your Image Analysis Workbook and revisit what you wrote regarding your goals in this section. Would you like to change anything that you previously have written? Enhance or improve it?

Please read Chapter 6: Understanding Communication. You have internal communication (your self-talk) and you also have external communication that is so very, very important in the success of your life. What kind of a communicator would you like to be? Would you like to improve your communication skills? Would it enhance your relationships? Would it be beneficial in your job?

Now you are ready for Part 2: Applying What You’ve Learned. Begin by reading Chapter 7: Recreation: A Mental Activity. When you’ve finished reading that chapter, I want you to turn to page 38 in your Image Analysis Workbook and review what you have written. Again, assessing it to see if you can enhance, change, or improve. Now would be a good time to start listening to the two audio programs entitled Applications in Self Talk. You may go ahead and read Chapter 8 on Efficiency and Time Management.

Please review your goals that you’ve written in your Image Analysis Workbook. Review your goals every day; ESPECIALLY the ones that are most important to you. Remember, you can change them if you wish.

By now you should be seeing some positive changes. Be nice to yourself. Whatever it is that you are trying to change or enhance in your life; I know for sure you’re doing very well. Maybe it’s not going as rapidly as you would like, but please give yourself credit for taking the initial steps that will ultimately lead you to your success. Today, I want you to read Chapter 9: Relationship Building. As always, make notes while you’re reading and adjust any of your goals that you’ve written in your Image Analysis Workbook. Just how much happiness can you handle? Be back tomorrow.

You should be feeling very proud of yourself by now! You have done something that very few people ever allow themselves to do. You are specifically and deliberately taking action and commitment to enhance your beautiful life. Congratulations! Now that you have begun realizing some positive changes, are you ready to look into the future? Please go to your Image Analysis Workbook and for each of the nine areas of your life I want you now to go to the section where it says: In 30 days I would like to be: 1 2 3……10. Circle the number you think is most appropriate and then for each of the nine areas write down the actions and steps that you will take to make them a reality in 30 days. Then go to page 55 in your workbook and run them through the 21 questions to make sure you are on target.

Today, I want you to ask yourself a very important question. How do you want to be seen by your friends, relatives, spouse, children, parents, employees, your boss, customers, etc.? I want you to go to page 46 in your Image Analysis Workbook and read the section entitled “How Would I like to Be Seen?”. Feel free to check off as many of those that you feel comfortable with and you can add any that you don’t see. You may wish to record these so you can listen to them while you’re driving or engaged in other activities. As with all your goals, be certain to guard them from people who may not understand and appreciate what you’re trying to accomplish. You may also want to look over Appendix D: Personality Types, you can always be the person you are and still change with the different environments and people that you may be in contact with. Tomorrow is your big day – be back bright and early!!

Congratulations – now wasn’t that fun and easy? Now I truly believe that you can go ahead and look at the rest of the sections in your Image Analysis Workbook with confidence. In the next six months where would you like to be? One year from now? In five years? 10, 15, 20, 30, 50 – your entire lifetime? A young lady asked me once how long do I have to continue to do this? I replied: “For some of your goals, perhaps not very often. For other goals, maybe daily”. It’s not like painting a house, and the job is complete for several years. It’s more like eating or showering – we don’t eat once a month; or take a shower once a month, and expect good positive results. We do those activities usually daily. A client of mine asked me how long will his changes last? I told him that he now knows what caused his discomfort (mainly due to a lack of understanding about his self-talk) and he also knows what creates a happier environment for himself (managing and controlling his self-talk). So, I asked him, “why would you ever want to go back to the “Garbage Dumpster”? He looked at me, smiled, and said: “you’re absolutely right!”. By the way, that change which he created for himself took less than a couple of hours to accomplish. So how long will it take you to change aspects of your life? I want you to decide that for yourself. Be very careful, listening to “Experts” that will tell you, based on their research and beliefs how long it might take for changes to take place.

Again, congratulations and please send me your success stories – your successes mean a great deal to me. For the letters and e-mails that I have received over the many years of sharing this information with people like you, it has certainly been a constant breath of fresh air for me. It is one of the main reasons I have continued to share this information with so many people. Thank you very much for you time, efforts, and energy in believing in me to help give you the Toolkit that will enhance your life forever!

I remain respectfully yours,

Jim Will, Ph.D.

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