VIMA Compensation  Plan

A person does not have to purchase any product to become a sales associate, however, they must take advantage of our special price on our starter kit. We help a person get started by pricing our starter kit at $49.95 which is valued at $114.95.

The starter kit is comprised of a book “2 Secrets That Will Supercharge Your Path to Success”, $10 in coupons to be used in the “The Specialty Food Court” and “The Market Place,” 50 web clicks, sales training and access to the VIMA Training Academy.

When a sales associate sells a business owner advertising, the sales associate earns 15% of the advertising cost.  A sales associate earns 15% on all personal sales. There are 2 additional levels. A sales associate earns 10% on the 2nd level and 5% on the 3rd level

When a sales associate and his/her organization sells a total of $20,000 in new advertising during a calendar month he/she is promoted to a gold associate. A gold associate is paid a leadership, training bonus of 1% on his organization to infinity or down to the next gold associate.

A gold associate is responsible for making sure his entire organization is trained and new people are trained immediately. He/she is to make sure his/her organization is managed properly.

Sales associates are responsible for training and managing all of their sales associates on three levels. VIMA will provide all training material, training seminars and weekly training sessions.  VIMA will also provide management training programs.

The VIMA business model is a win-win for everyone. 

  1. Advertisers win because of the sales from their websites and the rental fee from renting their website to the “Shopping Viewer.” Rental fees come from 80% of the outside income. The “Shopping Viewer” will determine the rental fees if any.
  1. Advertisers can increase their income by becoming a sales associate.
  1. Consumers win because of low prices in the mall, weekly special promotions, daily special coupons. cash back on all purchases and the opportunity to win a sweepstakes.
  1. Sales associates win because of commissions from selling advertisers.
  2. Sales associates can win by receiving a leadership commission from their organization.
  3. Sales associates can win if they have a business with a website because they can rent their website to the “Shopping Viewer” and receive sales from their website.’
  4. Sales associates will win because of low prices in the mall, weekly special promotions, daily special coupons, cash back on all purchases in the mall and the opportunity to win a sweepstakes,
  5. Our goal is to make VIMA a household name.  Make shopping from home or office easy and fun, a very pleasant shopping experience.  Make a way for small businesses to be equal in advertising with the national and regional stores.  A way for small businesses to be more competitive against the big chains.