One thought on “MyVIMA VIDEO CALL 06/03/2021

  1. Oh my!! My heart is so heavy learning of the death of Andy. The past two weeks have been extremely challenging for me and my family as well. My fiance lost his father in November and my mother almost passed later in November 2020. She spent five days in ICU and a few more in step down. However, we all must continue to be tenacious and focused on our vision; dream/wealth creation building generational wealth!

    I have tried to find Andy’s GoFundMe but have been unsuccessful. I will try again today! The devil is busy because he’s afraid of our greatness, collectively and as individuals!! Those of us with pure hearts, minds, and intentions will be lifted up and abundantly blessed by God because we are working for the Lord. Andy was a God-fearing man and now with both he and his wife together in Glory, we will be unstoppable!!

    Prayers and Much Love 💗

    Monique Minor-Hunter

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