Zoom call Update 8-5-21

Hello Everyone,

These are the final days of the current promotion ending 9pm Est August 12th, next Zoom call. With payments going out and all the new tools Barry has put together, I can see many members earning extra income. Here is a reminder of the current promotion. For every personal enrollment who purchases $250(+) of advertising, you will receive an additional 5% in commissions for a total of 20%! For every personal enrollment who purchases $1,000 (+) of advertising, you will receive an additional 10% in commissions for a total of 25%! It will put bigger upfront money in the pockets of those who recruit! Go for it folks! Again we want to thank Sandy for putting together our zoom call update, also here is the link to last nights call which you can also find in the Academy.
MyVima Support
Have a MyVima kinda weekend!

In case you missed last night’s zoom call for vima here is a brief recap:
Mike took intros to start off the call. He said we are all going to learn how to bring people into vima. Great things are going on. Mike said he loves the newsletters that go out. He suggested that you watch our videos in your back office so you can see what prospects receive. These videos will peak someone’s interest in vima. There is nothing out there like what we are offering or as good as vima.

Derek then came on. He said he is no longer in pain. Derek was dealing with kidney stones. He stated that he is very excited about what you will hear on the call tonight. He told everyone how he sold cars for years. He said everyone can remember how exciting it is to buy a brand new shiny car. You write and check and drive out. But things can change. He gave us an example of going to a website. So. you look at someone’s website and wow….it looks exciting. But once you are in a program things can change there too! When vima launched it took Andy 6 months to get vima rolling. David took over 2 months ago and we are doing more in that time than when the company started. Derek stated he thinks it’s great that we are getting everyone done and completed. He commented that obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal (one of Andy’s statements).David came on briefly and said Derek was more than a support guy….much more!

James then came on the line. He is the person working directly with Paychex. Paychex links are going out so just be patient. Everyone should get them in the next day or so. He said when you receive your link you can sign up with an existing account or create a new one. Even if you haven’t received a link yet you can still get paid. They are going back to past withdrawal requests. James said if you are an international person and get stuck on filling in your info and you can’t get by the US address then contact support for assistance at He said Paychex Flex also has an app that you can use on your smart phone or tablet. He stated that there is so much you can do from your Paychex Flex back office….like look at your upcoming withdrawals, check stubs, and payroll. There is also some great training in your back office. He said to request a withdrawal you do that from your vima back office. That function should be ready on Tuesday. Cut off for a withdrawal is Weds. at 5 pm est. He commented that they are working on W9s. He also said that the bitcoin wallet is a priority for them and hopefully it will be set up next week. He went on to say that they were looking into the debit cards. He also said to read the most recent newsletter for directions on Paychex Flex. Paychex Flex also has a great chat service located on the bottom right where you see a ?.

Barry was next up. He said vima is there to help anyone build their business. He stated it is great to build something you are passionate about and make money! Barry said he has a marketing made easy section coming out soon. There are media posts, scripts, emails, webinar invites, email swipes etc. He said to make sure you put your affiliate link in everything you send out. You can edit these messages if you want to but you will need company approval. Also, look in your back office and you will see the videos and emails that go out to your prospects. Barry said we are moving forward. None of us are stopping! Negativity isn’t going to slow us down.

Derek said that the section to request a withdrawal by Paychex Flex is in your vima back office and this will be ready to go on Tuesday. He said past withdrawals will be paid and right now there is a limit of $100.

David closed it out. He said he follows 7 principles to live by and one of them is this: Nothing you can do or have is impossible if just one person before you was able to accomplish that. Make it possible. Make a plan and work on that everyday! We have something here with vima that can help so many people and help them change their lives. We will get answers to all your Paychex Flex questions. I wish everyone a safe and wonderful weekend.
Warm regards,